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This was my original guitar - a 1981 Fender Stratocaster. See Guitar Projects to see what was done to it.

A very 'hot' (high output) guitar - loads of distortion. The most satisfying to play.




This is a cheap telecaster that has been gutted and upgraded. All the hardware has been replaced - see Guitar Projects to see what was done to it.

My workhorse - it's strung with 11s. If I can play something on this guitar I can play it on any guitar. It has great sustain and brightness.



LEFT PHOTO - Epiphone 'Les Paul Custom' - very articulate and bright, great sustain. Probably the easiest to play.

RIGHT PHOTO - 1983 Charvel - Great Heavy Metal guitar. Active Pickups (low noise) and a gain boost (lowest knob). I've replaced the tremelo with a new unit and installed a battery compartment (allows changing of the battery without taking the back off). The only guitar I have with a floating tremelo.



Peavey Wolfgang: Very playable and excellent for drop D tuning (it has a D-Tuna - see bottom left of tremelo). Very fast and the best for tapping due to the flat fingerboard and medium-jumbo frets. Great for EVH style playing (no surprise there).

Right: Cheap classical guitar.



Washburn X50:

Everything I want in a guitar - the sustain of a 'Les Paul' with a fast neck and easy access (to 24 jumbo frets) and the easiest to bend by far due to the long string length (through-body). Mahogany body with a quilted maple cap (adds brightness). Due to be modified (see Guitar Projects for more details).



Jackson Performer PS-1

I picked this up for 99; replaced the bridge pickup and re-wired it completely. New knobs and screws and it plays like a dream. A good 'everyday' guitar - fast, playable neck and very versatile.





Left: Marshall AVT20 - lovely harmonics - high gain.

Right: Vox AD50VT amplifier; a modelling amp - loud and flexible.

Both have tube pre-amps (12AX7).



Ibanez Valbee - 5 watt. All tube 12AX7; 6L6. Hi gain without making your ears bleed - an excellent practice amp. The 6.5 inch speaker lets it down - I'll add a speaker jack to it sometime in the future. It is very portable though.

I changed the tubes to tung-sol and a Harma.



Fender Blues Junior - (Left)

15 watt. All tube 3x12AX7 and 2xEL84 - loud and clean. An excellent 'Blues' amplifier. I modified this by replacing the speaker (Celestion Vintage 30) and changing the tubes (harma diamonds).


(Right) Boss GT6 - does it all in one unit.